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Sunday 22 July 2018

A Brief History of the University and the Affiliated Educational/Research Centers
Having primarily been located in a rented building at the Daneshgah Square of the City of Shahrekord, the Institute of Animal Husbandry, superintended by the University of Isfahan, was launched in 1975 by admitting 30 students of Animal Husbandry and continued to operate until 1980. After the Cultural Revolution and coinciding with the reopening of the universities, Shahrekord Institute of Agriculture, supervised by Isfahan University of Technology, was launched in 1982 with Associate Degree in Agronomical Matters (i.e., Technology of Plant Production) and Animal Matters (i.e., Technology of Animal Production).
            The institute was promoted to Shahrekord Higher Education Center in 1988 and started to admit students to three new programs in addition to the abovementioned disciplines: Agricultural Engineering (Agronomy and Plant Breeding), Associate Degree in Natural Resources (Technology of Rangeland and Watershed Management), and Associate Degree in Veterinary Medicine.
            Later, with regard to the advancement of higher education in the province, the blessings bestowed by the Supreme Leader’s trip to Chaharmahal Bakhktiari Province, the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education, and the approved regulation by the Higher Education Development Council in 1991, Shahrekord Higher Education Center was converted into Shahrekord University.
The research contract for the comprehensive plan of the university was signed with the consultant engineers in 1990, and the research was completed in 1994. According to the comprehensive plan (prepared based upon a 20-year timetable), 106,000 square meters were allocated for educational, extracurricular, and welfare programs. The two important projects of the university (i.e., launching the Faculty of Basic Sciences and the Faculty of Technology and Engineering) got off the ground in 1993, covering 30,000 square meters, and they were both completed in 1998.
The executive operations of establishing the Faculty of Art was launched in 2002 and completed in October 2005. The faculty is located in Farsan, covering 34 hectares of land and more than 3,000 meters of surface area.
Thanks to the special consideration of the Ninth Government devoted to the improvement of higher education in Chaharmahal Bakhktiari Province since 2005, the university has witnessed impressive progress, such as researching, establishing, and completing 62,000 square meters of educational, extracurricular, and dormitory area. These unprecedented amounts of developmental  projects were initiated in 2005, most of which were ratified during the President’s first and second trips to Chaharmahal Bakhktiari Province. Some of the projects are listed as the followings:
Researching and establishing the followings:
          The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Letters and Humanities in Shahrekord
          The Faculty of Natural Resources and the Faculty of Technology and Engineering in Boroujen
          The Faculty of Technology and Engineering and the Faculty of Humanities in Farsan
          The Research Institute of Animal Embryo Technology
          The Educational Complex of the Faculty of Art
          The Nabi-Akram Sports Center
          The Educational Greenhouses
          The Classroom Buildings
          The Autopsy Room
          The Animal House
 Expanding the followings:
          The Faculty Residential Buildings
          The Self-Service Restaurants
          The Faculty of Agriculture
          The Veterinary Clinic
          The Girls’ Study Hall
          The Swimming Pool
 Completing the followings:
          The Roofed Parking of the Faculty of Technology and Engineering
          The Third and Fourth Boys’ Dormitory
          The Dormitory of the Faculty of Art
          The Fourth Girls’ Dormitory
          The Educational Workshops
          The Traditional Sports Gym
          The Entrance Parking Lot
          The Incubator Building
 Establishing, expanding, and completing the followings:
          Road communications
          Optical fibers
 Joining the water supply system of the university to that of the city
Shahrekord University is currently enjoying a special status in the country due to having about 200 faculty members, of whom 85% are assistant, associate, or full professors.
In addition, the vigorous pursuit of the university officials and the collaboration of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology paved the way for the autonomy of the university’s Auditors Board and the establishment of the Joint Auditors Board with the University of Kashan, which started to function in the late 2007.
Shahrekord University encompasses the followings:
 Five Veterinary Medicine MPhil programs
 Thirty M.S./M.A. and Ph.D. programs
 Six thousand undergraduate students
 Thirty B.S./B.A. programs
 Six research institutes/centers
          Research Institute of Animal Embryo Technology
          Research Institute of Zoonotic Diseases
          Research Institute of Nanotechnology
          Research Institute of Biotechnology
          Water Resources Research Center
 Thirty departments
 Seven faculties
          Faculty of Natural Resources and Geosciences
          Faculty of Technology and Engineering
          Farsan Faculty of Art and Humanities
          Faculty of Letters and Humanities
          Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
          Faculty of Basic Sciences
          Faculty of Agriculture
The followings are some of the projects completed during 2005-2008:
          Initiating five new Internet accesses to give 100% access to high-speed Internet for the faculty members, the administrative assistants, the technicians, and the postgraduate students as well as 60% access for B.S./B.A. students
          Kicking off the Office Automation to facilitate and accelerate the intramural correspondences/communication
          Launching the Incubator Centers of Technology Units of Shahrekord University
          Instigating the largest hydraulic lab among the country’s universities
          Planning the construction of the Science and Technology Park
          Conducting online registration and course selection
Shahrekord University called for the collaboration of 10 universities and research centers to launch the Committee of Universities and Research Centers of the Central Region of Iran in March 2007, and the committee’s secretariat is currently operating in this university.
Moreover, the quarterly Journal of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, the Journal of Animal Health and Diseases, and the Iranian Water Research Journal are among the current publications of the university.
A Statistical Comparison of 1978 With 2010
Number of M.S./M.A. and Ph.D. Programs
Number of B.S./B.A. Programs
Number of Associate Degree Programs
Number of Students
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